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The way we travel around Warrington has a huge impact on our town and the way we feel about the place we live, work and spend our leisure time. By providing a place where more people choose to walk, cycle and use public transport helps Warrington become a vibrant, thriving, attractive and well-connected place.

Our purpose is to make journeys in Warrington easier for everyone! We work with employers, schools and residents to deliver a travel plan service and provide practical support to offer transport choice, helping people to get around Warrington

Warrington Borough Council sets out the advice and requirements for Travel Plans and identifies where they are a requirement in support of planning application.  It is advised that applicants contact the Council’s Travel Choice Team for advice before developing a travel plan as local requirements may vary from national guidance.

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Design guidance notice 2a Travel plans - January 2024


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How can we help?

We can work with employers and businesses across Warrington to deliver a travel plan service, there are two ways in which we can help.

Option 1

We take responsibility for managing the travel plan on behalf of the organisation.  We would be responsible for the implementation of the travel plan, incentives and appointment of a designated travel plan coordinator.

This option will require a contribution.

Option 2

The organisation retains responsibility for the travel plan.  The organisation retains responsibility for funding and implementing the travel plan, incentives and measures, the appointment of a travel plan coordinator and monitoring successful delivery.

This option we can provide practical support and work with you to help deliver a successful travel plan.

If you have a Workplace Travel Plan requirement, please contact our friendly team who would be happy to provide guidance to get you started.

Contact the Travel Choices Team
8 July 2024