H bar markings are white lines marked on the road in front of dropped kerbs. They’re designed to remind people not to park in front of, or block access to, your driveway or garage.


£120 (inc VAT).

You’ll need to tell us your name, address and contact details. You’ll also need to confirm that there is already a dropped kerb, and let us know if there are any potential obstructions such as trees or lampposts.

After you apply

After you apply, we’ll take a look at the information you’ve told us and assess the area. Then we’ll write to you to let you know whether we can paint a H bar marking, and if not we’ll explain why. If we can, you must pay in full before we can start the work.

To pay, ring us on 01925 443322 between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

When we can’t install H bar markings

We may not be able to put down H bar markings if:

  • there’s an obstruction such as a tree, lamppost, telegraph pole, utility box or a fence or railing
  • it’s next to a road junction controlled by traffic lights
  • it’s near to a pedestrian crossing
  • there isn’t a dropped kerb

Please let us know about anything like this when you apply.

If someone parks on a H bar marking

H bar markings aren’t enforceable so we can’t issue parking tickets if someone parks on them, but we find that they work well to stop people from blocking driveways. However parking on a dropped kerb is enforceable by the police, especially if the parking is dangerous or if someone blocks access to your property regularly. Report it by calling 101. Don’t try to enforce the H bar marking yourself, for example by putting out cones or trying to move the vehicle.