Apply for a resident parking permit

If you live in a resident parking zone, you can apply for a permit so that you can park near your home. You must display your permit at all times.

There is also a resident parking scheme for local car parks if you live in Lymm but don’t have a driveway.

Before you apply

When you apply you’ll need to tell us your name, address and contact details and which zone you’re applying for. 

We need details about your car, including the make, model, colour and registration number, and also proof that you own or lease the car, such as:

  • a Vehicle Registration Document (V5C) showing your full name and address as shown on your application form
  • a valid motor insurance certificate and schedule, showing your full name and address and your vehicle registration mark
  • for a company vehicle, we’ll accept a typed letter (on official company letter-headed paper) confirming that you are the sole driver, and showing your full name and address and vehicle registration mark

You’ll need to provide proof that you live at the address, such as a recent:

  • utility bill (e.g. electricity, gas, water, landline, council tax)
  • formal tenancy agreement
  • housing association rent document
  • property purchase document
  • lease agreement document
  • personal bank, building society or credit card statement

If your permit has been stolen, you’ll also need to tell us the police crime number.

Parking zones and prices

Bank Quay area

Including: Arpley Street, Bath Street, Cromwell Court, Dixon Street, Hanover Street, Henry Street, Parker Street, Thynne Street, White Street

Permits in the Bank Quay area are free.

Heathfield area

Including: Barham Court, Centurion Close, Delenty Drive, Fernbank Close, Nelson Road, Renown Close, Vanguard Court, Warrington Road

Permits in the Heathfield area are free.

Tesco/stadium area

Allen Street, Annie Street, Arthur Street, Battersby Lane, Bewsey Road, Bewsey Street, Chorley Street, Clegge Street, Cobden Street, Cyril Street, Dalewood Close, Dickenson Street, Dudley Street, Earl Street, Eustace Street, Forshaw Street, Forster Street, Froghall Lane, Gladstone Mews, Gladstone Street, Hale Street, Hardy Street, Houghton Street, Laira Court, Laira Street, Leonard Street, Melville Close, Orford Lane, Paul Street, Rolleston Street, Scott Street, Sharp Street, St Benedicts Close, St Peters Way, Walker Street, Watkin Street, West Street, Winifred Street

Permits in the Tesco/stadium area are free.

Whitecross area

Including: Brighton Street, Clap Gates Crescent, Clap Gates Road, Farmside Close, Grafton Street, High Gates Close, Lexden Street, Lovely Lane (numbers 120 to 302), Radnor Street, Ripley Street, Wardour Street, Wellfield Street (numbers 293 to 457), Windsor Street

Permits in the Whitecross area are free.

Crosfield Street

All Crosfield Street. There’s currently a waiting list for this area.

Permits for Crosfield Street cost £30 each for one or two permits.

Green Street

Residential property numbers 1 to 15.

Permits for Green Street cost £30 for the first two and then £60 if the third is required.

East View

Residential property numbers 2 to 16 - even only and one permit is available for each home.

A Permit for East View costs £30.

Night-time parking in Lymm

If you live in the Lymm village area and you don’t have off-street parking, such as a driveway, you can apply for a permit so that you can park on either Pepper Street car park, Davies Way car park or Henry Street car park in the evening.  

The permit is valid between 5pm and 10pm on weekdays and Saturdays – but you can leave your car overnight as the car parks are free after 10pm until 9am the following morning. They’re also free on Sundays. 

You can pay £100 up front for a 12-month permit, or you can pay by direct debit at £10 per month.

It costs £20 if you need to change your permit to another vehicle. We’ll contact you after you apply to arrange payment. You have to renew your permit every year.

Farnworth Road

House numbers 5-17.

Permits for Farnworth Road cost £30

You’ll need to renew your permit every year. We send renewal reminders for some of the schemes, but it’s your responsibility to make sure you renew your permit.

If you change your car, move house or lose your permit

Let us know as soon as possible if you change your car, lose your parking permit, or if you move house. Please note that you may need to fully reapply with up to date proof of your address.

Visitor permits

If you’re visiting someone who lives in a resident parking zone, you’ll need a valid visitor permit which must be on display at all times. However:

  • Bank Quay area - there are 90 minute waiting bays so there are no visitor permits available
  • Green Street - there are two hour waiting bays so there are no visitor permits available
  • Crosfield Street and East View - there are no visitor permits available at all due to capacity

All visitor permits must remain with the property if you move.

Blue badges

If you have a Blue badge but not a resident parking permit, you aren’t allowed to park in a resident parking zone unless you’re parked in a designated disabled bay. Your Blue badge must also be correctly displayed.