It can sometimes be hard to know where to start if you’re trying to find a grave. We’ll try and help as much as possible, though there is a small fee for some services.

Records we hold

We hold burial records for the cemeteries and crematoriums we manage. Our records date back to when each opened:

Ask us to search

You can ask us to search for a grave in one of our cemeteries. You’ll need to tell us:

  • the full name of the deceased
  • an approximate date of death – we can only search over a three-year period
  • where they lived and their age, if you know
  • which cemetery they’re buried in

It costs £29 to ask us to search for a burial record.

We don’t charge a fee if you’re looking for a grave so that a burial can take place.

01925 267731
Search the registers yourself

If you prefer, you can book an appointment to come and look through our cemetery burial registers yourself. You’ll have to handle them carefully and wear protective gloves. Our staff may interrupt you if they need to use the registers as part of their normal working day.

It costs £12 for an appointment.

Unfortunately, you can’t search crematorium registers yourself, they aren’t available to the public under any circumstances.

If you can’t find the burial record:

  • expand the time frame by a year or two
  • try a neighbouring district, the person might have been registered there instead
  • try the General Register Office, especially if the person was born or died abroad

We have some records available online:

01925 267731
What you can find out

We’ll give you a copy of everything that we have on record relating to the grave. This may include:

  • the grave number
  • a list of everyone buried in the plot, including cremated remains
  • their ages
  • where they lived
  • the date they were buried (not the date they died)
  • who purchased the right of burial
  • a map showing where the grave is located

It costs £24 for a certified copy of this information, plus £12 to locate the grave.

Finding the date of death

For deaths before 1996, we won't be able to tell you the person's date of death, only the date they were buried. Death records are held separately, so you'll need to find and order a copy of the death certificate from Warrington Register Office if you want to find out when the person died.

Cemetery history and famous graves

Find out more about the history and heritage of Warrington's cemeteries.

Search our records

We don’t hold any burial records before these dates, or for other local burial grounds, churchyards and so on, which are not owned or managed by the council.