The Children in Care Council aims to improve the services received by children in care.

You can get involved with the Children in Care Council, or projects which involves using your ideas, for influencing the services / support you're offered through a range of different methods. We are running group work, virtual groups (Links through social media) 1-1 and face to face sessions to enable young people to participate in a way comfortable to you.

We run weekly sessions within our existing cluster areas, alongside our established provisions enabling young people to access the wider opportunities available through youth service and early help.

We will deliver weekly sessions targeting three age groups allowing us to develop age appropriate sessions.

  • (8-12yrs) Young CIC champions
  • (13-16yrs) Children in Care
  • (17-21yrs) Care leavers / Staying put

Our care leavers will also have a monthly group, where you can meet other young people from our wider youth voice network.

If you want to learn more about these meetings, please contact your social worker, foster carer or email the Children in Care Council at, or our Participation Officer

The new Children in Care Council is an opportunity to ensure that the voices of children in care are heard and that you help shape the future through sharing what needs to be changed. Sessions will develop young people’s skills allowing youth participation to shape the youth agenda and the corporate parenting strategy.

We will ensure that youth voice is accessing established local/regional/national networks through participation in Youth focus Northwest and the British youth council partnerships. To allow our young people to inform and direct not only the local but regional and national agenda.