You can inter ashes in a plot within the Garden of Remembrance at Walton Lea Crematorium. Or you can lease one of our above-ground vaults which you can personalise with an epitaph to your loved one.

Interment in an above-ground vault

You can lease an above-ground vault called a ‘sanctum, family sanctum or panorama sanctum’ to inter cremated remains. You can choose an individual memorial with room for either two, three or four urns, or a vault within a larger memorial with space for three urns.

Sanctum and family sanctum

Sanctums are located in our Memorial Garden. They have room for two standard sized urns, which are enclosed behind a granite memorial plaque and a vase for cut flowers.

Costs (including interment, casketing and up to 80 characters inscribed on the plaque) can be found on our funeral costs page.

Panorama sanctum

You can lease a vault within one of our panorama sanctums, which are located in the Garden of Contemplation. Every panorama sanctum contains 32 vaults, and each vault has room for three standard sized urns.

The panorama sanctum is made from polished granite and the caskets are enclosed behind a memorial plaque. Panorama sanctums don’t have flower vases, but you can buy a small posy vase to place on the ledge outside the vault.

Costs (including interment, casketing and up to 80 characters inscribed on the plaque) can be found on our funeral costs page.

Sanctum plaques

You can also include photos or other designs on the Sanctum’s plaque. We have a catalogue you can choose from or we can work with you to design something unique. Costs can be found on out funeral costs page.

Interment in the Garden of Remembrance

You can inter cremated remains in a plot in our beautiful Garden of Remembrance. Each plot can have up to three interments, though ownership of the plot remains with us and any future burials are at our discretion.

If you and any family and friends would like to be there at the interment, please let us know and we’ll arrange this with you.

Costs can be found on our funeral costs page.

The costs for interment in the Sweet Dreams Baby Garden are different, find out more about our beautiful baby gardens.

Strewing the ashes

Instead of interment, you may like to scatter the ashes in our beautiful gardens. Find out more about strewing cremated remains at Walton Lea Crematorium.


After the strewing or interment, you may wish to commemorate your loved one with a memorial, such as a plaque, vase, bench or an entry in the Book of Remembrance. Find out more about memorials at Walton Lea Crematorium.

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