The Lovely Lane and Bewsey Road Junction has been improved to provide a Cycle Optimised Protected Signals (CYCLOPS) junction. This is the first example of a CYCLOPS junction in Warrington.

This project was funded by Active Travel England with the aim of enabling children and adults to walk, bike, and wheel on everyday trips to their work, school, or simply to the park or local shop.

Cyclops project update Nov 2023

Where is it?

The Lovely Lane/Bewsey Road junction is in Bewsey and was an existing junction controlled by traffic lights. It is the crossroads of two key local traffic routes and is also the point where there are many local movements on foot and by bike leading to local jobs, schools, and leisure facilities.

What has been done?

We have completely resurfaced the junction, which was previously in poor condition, and upgraded the traffic signal equipment that was approaching 20 years old with new, more advanced equipment.

Infrastructure has been provided for people cycling that ensures they can be separated from motorised traffic at the junction, making it safer and more attractive to use.

The new key features include:


Orbital cycle track

Orbital Cycle Track

The main difference is that people cycling are offered a safer route around the junction. This is identified by green surfacing.

People cycling should circulate around the junction in a clockwise direction.

Low level signals

Low Level Cycle Signals

Where the cycle track crosses the road, low level signals are provided for people cycling.

When these show a red-light, people cycling must stop until a green light is shown.

Cycle track zebra crossing

Cycle Track Zebra Crossings

'Mini' zebra crossings are marked to provide those walking or wheeling with priority when crossing the cycle track, helping to protect vulnerable users.

People cycling should give way if someone is waiting to cross.

Why has it been done?

This project aims to make walking and cycling safer and more accessible for both children and adults in Warrington, while also improving travel options for individuals using mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

The previous poor carriageway condition and short term need to replace the traffic signals provided an opportunity to deliver a single combined scheme. This will reduce future disruption and providing better value for money.

How does it affect you?


The traffic signals will operate exactly as they did previously with separate phases for east /west & north/south traffic.

People driving will notice little difference though the road surface will be much smoother.

Walking and Wheeling

There are crossings across all sides of the junction for people walking and wheeling.

Crossing the cycle track – There are zebra crossings to provide places to cross the cycle track.

Crossing the road - People walking and wheeling get the green signal to cross whilst all motorised vehicles are stopped at a red light. These crossings are much shorter than the previous layout.


The clockwise cycle track is provided to keep your route separate from vehicles on the road, reducing the likelihood of collisions.

  • People cycling should give way if someone is waiting to cross at a zebra crossing.
  • When traveling across the junction, people cycling should pay attention to the cycle signals.
  • When the cycle signal turns green, you can safely travel across the junction as all other traffic is stopped at the lights.

A video has been produced to explain in more detail how to use the new junction. 

Next Steps

As with any modified signal controlled junction, we will monitor it for the first few weeks and make adjustments to the timings of the lights to ensure the efficient operation for all users.

How to contact us

If you have any questions about the scheme, please get in touch by emailing