We will investigate complaints such as:

  • Poor hygiene standards in food premises
  • Out of date food
  • Food poisoning
  • Food contamination
  • Foreign bodies in food, e.g. glass, hair, wood
  • Poor handling of food by shop assistants
  • Dirty condition of food premises
  • Suspected food poisoning

You can make complaints anonymously but please be aware that without providing your details we're unable to access legal powers that allow us to investigate. If you provide your contact details it means we'll be able to keep in touch with you and we'll only release your details to the retailer or manufacturer if you give us your permission.  

Following your report, if there's a risk of harm or the consumer being misled, we'll carry out an investigation. However if we consider a complaint to be relatively minor in nature, we may recommend you take the matter up yourself as a quality issue with the retailer or manufacturer. 

We will only ever use this information to deliver the service that you have requested.