Open data

To support our commitment to transparency, involvement and innovation we have been working towards making data (that is not sensitive or personal) available to the public. The aim is to allow anyone, whether businesses, individuals, charities or community groups to re-use public sector information.

We have started by opening up some of our existing datasets, though more information will be added to this area over time. Information available includes payments to suppliers made by the council that are over £500 in value and salaries of senior officers employed by the council. If you are unable to locate the information on this page please try the Publication Scheme.

We understand that raw data is not always easy to use, so we will be using the recommended 5 step journey to publish data using different formats so it can be read or analysed easily.

Unless otherwise indicated the data below is released under the Open Government Licence.

If there are data sets which you would like us to consider making available, email