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Our goals

As part of our Climate Action Plan, our three main goals are:

Net Zero Operations

We aim to be ‘net zero’ for greenhouse gas emissions with respect to our operations by 2030. To achieve this goal, we will act on:

  • Building decarbonisation
  • Fleet decarbonisation
  • Staff travel
  • Commissioning/Procurement
  • Waste reduction; and
  • Off-setting residual emissions

A resilient council

We aim to adapt to the impacts of changes that are already unavoidable.

To achieve this goal, we will act on:

  • Identifying risks; and
  • Adapting to climate change

Using our role and influence to support wider efforts to address the climate and ecological emergencies

We aim to use our influence to stimulate wider change and play our part meeting wider objectives set out in the new climate emergency strategy for Warrington.

To achieve this goal, we will act on:

  • Travel, transport, and connection
  • Energy, buildings, and infrastructure
  • Resources, consumption, & wider impacts
  • Resilience and nature
  • Awareness, engagement & support for action
8 January 2024