Time Square car park electric vehicle points


We want to transform the way people travel around Warrington, reducing car-reliance and traffic congestion, making walking and cycling easier, and providing high quality public transport so that more of us will use it. This will support our work to tackle the climate emergency by reducing local air pollution caused by vehicle emissions.

Green investments

We are making investments, backed by robust business cases, which will support our green future. Our investments include three new solar farms -in York, Hull and Cirencester, installation of PV solar panels on thousands of Warrington properties and support for a new community energy company in Lymm. Ongoing investment in transformative projects such as these will allow us to lead by example, inspiring, driving and supporting our businesses and communities to address the challenges of the climate emergency.

Weather events

We will educate people about the devastating impact of severe weather events, and that this is not ‘someone else’s problem’ in another part of the world it is everyone’s problem. The recent record-flooding in Warrington, has made it clearer than ever that the climate emergency is not just about ‘polar bears and ice caps’. Climate change is on our doorstep and is impacting, in a very real way, on Warrington's communities. We all need to work together to avert this crisis and take action against global warming.

Waste and recycling

We want to support our residents to use less and recycle more. We want everyone to understand the lifecycle of products, as well as being aware of the carbon footprints of those everyday products that we may take for granted. Most importantly, we want people to take action - by recycling right, by making smarter food choices to reduce waste and by making good decisions about whether the things they buy are essential.

Natural environment

We declared an ecological emergency in 2020 and running alongside our climate emergency work will be an increased drive to ensure that that Warrington’s thriving, diverse natural environment is protected and given the opportunity to thrive.

We will lead the way by making this a fundamental part of future development in our town and by delivering a Borough-wide Tree Strategy, to protect, preserve and plant trees in the coming years. We want our residents and businesses to join us to through projects such as rewilding private spaces and ensuring the appropriate infrastructure is in place to support ecological diversity. It is only by working together that we can protect our natural environment and help prevent the extinction of animals.

Supporting for business and organisations

We will be working closely with Warrington’s business community to provide a range of support and advice on improving their green credentials, and to show our businesses that making green choices is easier than they may think.  From securing a green energy provider, or installing solar PV installations, to knowing how to measure your carbon output and how to reduce it, there are so many steps businesses can take which will make a huge difference.

We are developing a range of support packages, including carbon literacy training for employees, along with signposting and advice for bespoke services such as waste contracts, to ensure that our businesses are empowered to make carbon conscious decisions.

Inspiring and empowering our residents and communities

We cannot hope to tackle the climate emergency we all face without the support of everyone. We all have a responsibility for the future of our town, our country, our planet. Everyone has a part to play, and everyone has a vital contribution to make.

We will be showing everyone that there are so many simple steps we can all take – at home and in our daily lives - to reduce our carbon footprint. From bringing a reusable bag when you shop and reducing your food waste, to switching off your lights when you leave a room to having a car-free day, the little things we do every day will go a long way to saving our planet.

We are asking everyone to make the climate emergency their own, personal emergency, by signing a pledge to become ‘carbon conscious’, in the choices they make each and every day.