Ask for a new pedestrian crossing, or tell us about a problem

If you see a problem with a pedestrian crossing, or there’s a place which you think needs to have a new pedestrian crossing, let us know.

You’ll need to tell us your name, address and contact details, and as much information as possible about:

  • What the problem is
  • Where it is
  • whether it happens on certain days or at certain times


  • Where you think a new crossing is needed
  • Why you think it’s needed
  • What kind of crossing you think is needed

What we do next

If you’ve reported a problem we’ll send someone out to take a look, or if it’s at a junction we can check our traffic cameras. We’ll try and get it fixed as soon as we can.

If you’ve asked us for a new crossing, we’ll look at what you’ve told us and carry out pedestrian and vehicle surveys. We’ll collect information about the area including photographs and maps. And we’ll consider any problems which might affect vulnerable road users such as older people, young children, people pushing prams or people using wheelchairs.

We can only build a crossing if it’s needed in line with current government guidelines.

Types of pedestrian crossings

Zebra crossings

White stripes, with flashing amber Belisha beacons at each side, which pedestrians can use at any time. Drivers must stop and give way.

Pelican crossings and puffin crossings

Pedestrians press a ‘call’ button and traffic is stopped by a red light to let pedestrians cross the road safely.

The difference between the two is that puffin crossings have sensors which don’t allow traffic to start moving again until everyone has crossed, but pelican crossings don’t and drivers can move on a flashing amber light if everyone has crossed safely.

Toucan crossings

Can be used by bicycles as well as pedestrians.

Pegasus crossings

Can be used by horse riders too.

3 June 2021