Did you know that the road network you use every day consists of approximately 1137km of roads with a value of approximately £744 million? That's a whole lot of road!


As a new town a lot of our roads are now over 40 years old including important business areas such as Birchwood. So to maintain Warrington’s business growth we've launched a £40m investment program which will be delivered over the next five years - now in its final year (2021-22). 

The £40m has been allocated:

  • £27.5m – strategic road network (A, B and C roads)
  • £10m – side streets and unclassified roads improvement programme (to be completed by December 2021)
  • £2.5m – footway improvement programme (to be completed by December 2021)


Corona Virus (Covid-19) - 11 May 2020

Due to the Corona Virus health crisis a number of schemes planned for March/April/May/June 2020 have had to be postponed.

These schemes will be added to the end of the programme for the Highway Investment Schemes, ie. September/October etc 2021.