Is it an emergency?

An emergency is a dangerous situation that could be a Threat to health and safety or Imminent danger or a Threat to life.

To report a genuine emergency call 01925 443322.

Please tell us of any other problems online.

Reporting a problem

We maintain the highway network as laid out in the Highway Inspection code of practice, please help our inspectors by reporting any problems you see.

You can report problems online here with public roads, pavements and footpaths, including:

Pothole repairs

We carry out regular inspections throughout the year of all our adopted roads, pavements and footpaths.

Potholes less than 4 cm deep

If a pothole is less than 4 cm deep on the road or less than 2.5 cm on a footpath then we don't normally repair them.

Less than 40mm deep pothole
Less than 4 cm deep


Potholes more than 4 cm deep

For deeper potholes, we'll normally inspect them within 10 working days. After an inspection and depending on how severe the pothole is, we usually start repairs within seven working days.

Only report the problem if it meets these following requirements:

  • 4 cm deep or over on a road (see below image)
  • 2.5 cm deep or over on a footway or crossing
  • Wider than 30 cm

If your report doesn't match this criteria, it won't be actioned. Please note that overestimating the size of the hole doesn't mean that it will be fixed - the impact of misreported potholes affects the delivery of the service we provide. 

40mm deep pot hole
More than 4 cm deep


Repair times vary with the size, depth and location of the pothole. You can find out more about how potholes are repaired from our partner Lafrage (Now Tarmac) who were awarded a contract as the Highways Term Maintenance Contractor in April 2014.


Working hours

Our normal working hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 5:30 pm, excluding Bank Holidays.
Please be aware that we have limited staff to answer your call out of hours 5:00 pm to 8:30 am Monday to Friday, weekends and Bank Holidays. If you report a problem online outside of normal working hours it will be inspected within 10 working days.