In private sector housing we're striving for everyone, both in social and private sector housing to have the opportunity of a decent home.

In September 2003, we implemented a Housing Renewals Policy which supports new ways to fund repairs and improvements to the homes of low income/vulnerable homeowners/tenants especially older people. Our renewal strategies have also been reviewed and updated in order for us to continue to deliver support to private sector housing in Warrington. Aspects of this policy have been updated during the years to reflect the changing needs of the service.

How are we doing this? 

Tackling concentrations of poor housing

We look at areas of poorer housing within the borough and take the appropriate action to turn things around. 

Helping owners of poor quality housing

We target assistance towards the vulnerable, including those who are in receipt of means tested benefits, the elderly (of retirement age or above), the disabled, lone parent families with dependent children, low income families and the chronically infirm.

Promoting a healthy private rented sector

We help good and well-intentioned landlords to raise the standards of their rented accommodation, encouraging self-regulation by accreditation schemes and limited licensing (HMOs- Houses in Multiple Occupation). We assist tenants with problems with housing conditions by applying the principles of good enforcement practice and pro-active inspection programmes for HMOs. 

Provision of support and advice to those in housing need

We work corporately with colleagues in social services in order to assist people with disabilities by providing adaptations supported by Disabled Facilities Grant aid. We also help the vulnerable by providing Safe and Secure Assistance to complete urgent and vital repairs and minor adaptations to protect against serious hazards, as classified using a government derived housing health and safety rating system.

Home energy conservation

We are working with everyone within the Borough to raise awareness of energy efficiency, and to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and to alleviate fuel poverty by implementing the council’s Affordable Warmth Strategy.

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