A stillbirth usually has to be registered within 42 days.

If your baby was born in Warrington, you can do this via a telephone appointment with Warrington Register Office. Or you can do it at any other register office in England or Wales and they’ll send the details to us. 

You can name your baby on the register, if you’d like to.

Who can register the stillbirth

If the baby’s parents are married or in a civil partnership

You can register if you’re:

  • the baby’s mother
  • the baby’s father
  • the female partner of the baby’s mother, if you were married or in a civil partnership at the time of fertility treatment

If the baby’s parents aren’t married

You can register if you’re:

  • the baby’s mother
  • the baby’s father and you would also like to sign the register. You’ll need to come with the baby’s mother or give her a ‘signed declaration’ to bring with her

If neither of the baby’s parents can attend

Please ring us for advice on 01925 442194.

What we’ll ask you at the appointment

At your appointment you’ll need to tell us information such as:

  • when and where the stillbirth happened 
  • your baby’s name, if you’d like to put this on the register
  • whether your baby is a boy or a girl 
  • information about the baby’s mother – such as her full name, date and place of birth, her occupation, and whether she has given birth before
  • information about the baby’s father (if this applies) – such as his full name, date and place of birth, and his occupation
  • the date of your marriage or civil partnership, if this applies

What you'll need

The medical certificate of stillbirth issued by your doctor or midwife will be passed to the Register Office.

It also helps if you have available your passport, a recent utility bill, your birth certificate and your marriage/civil partnership certificate.

But please don’t worry if you can’t, we’ll be able to register without these.

Stillbirth certificates

We’ll give you a certificate and a form at the end of your appointment. There is no charge for these, and you’ll need them to make funeral arrangements for your baby.

If you’d like to, you can buy extra copies of the certificate for £11 each. You can do this at your appointment and pay by card.

Book an appointment

Ring us on 01925 442194.

1 December 2021