If you know somewhere where there’s a problem with speeding, report this to us. We may be able to reduce the speed limit, or find ways to slow the traffic down using ‘traffic calming’ such as speed bumps.

Report a speeding issue

You’ll need to tell us your name, address and contact details.

You’ll also need to tell us as much information as possible about where the problem is, what the problem is, and what you think we could do to stop people speeding.

After you’ve reported it

We investigate what you’ve told us and see if there’s anything we can do.

We have to prioritise requests for traffic calming based on how many accidents and injuries that have been recorded. We also look at the speed and volume of the traffic. How many roads we can install traffic calming on to depends on how much funding we have available.

Before we make any changes we consult with nearby residents and the local police, and we publish a formal notice in the local newspaper.

Speeding tickets

We don’t issue speeding tickets, contact the police to report speeding concerns.

Parking problems and nuisance vehicles

If you need to report unlawful or dangerous parking (such as on yellow lines, or near a school) or nuisance vehicles (such as cars being sold or repaired on the road) use our parking problems page.

20 October 2020