Problems we can deal with

  • Parking on yellow lines
  • Parking in waiting or loading bays
  • Parking issues around schools
  • Requests for new single/double yellow lines

We can also investigate if someone is selling vehicles on a street, or if a garage is repairing vehicles on the road, but please report this as a nuisance vehicle. 

Problems we can’t deal with

  • A vehicle blocking a road which could cause a danger to others
  • A vehicle blocking a pavement or blocking access to a property, for example parked on a dropped kerb
  • Speed restrictions or careless driving

To report this, please call Cheshire Police on 101.

Report a parking problem

Report unlawful parking or school parking problems, or ask for new yellow lines

You’ll need to tell us:

  • your name, address and contact details
  • as much information as possible about the problem 
  • where the problem is
  • details about the vehicle and whether it happens often 

If you want us to put down new single or double yellow lines, please tell us why in as much detail as possible.

Parking problems outside schools

We can’t go out and make changes to school parking arrangements as soon as you request them. To make the most of our very limited funding and to make all schools as safe as possible, we create a programme of work which takes place over a year or two. This means we can prioritise the work, and get the most out of the money available. 

But any information that you tell us is really useful - we’ll look into it and plan it into future school parking improvement programmes.

What do yellow lines mean?

Single yellow lines 

You’re not allowed to park on a single yellow line during the period shown on the accompanying yellow sign. But you can stop on a line long enough to drop off or pick up a passenger, or to load/unload goods. Single yellow lines are usually outside places such as schools or local businesses where parking problems happen during specific times of the day.

Double yellow lines

You’re not allowed to park on double yellow lines at any time. But you can stop on them long enough to drop off or pick up passengers or to load/unload goods.  You can park on double yellows if you have a Blue Badge.

2 February 2023