Tell us about a problem with a tree in a park or open space, on a road or pavement.

We don't get involved in problems with trees on private land as they're a civil matter. If you have a hedge causing light loss, you may be able to raise a high hedge complaint. Please read the high hedge complaint information before submitting a complaint.

Trees with a Tree Preservation Order on private land should be reported on the Report an issue with a TPO form.

Trees with a TPO

If you want to report a tree with a TPO you will need to use our interactive map to find the relevant TPO reference.

Without this reference you won't be able to submit an enquiry.

Alternatively, you can search through our full list of TPOs:

Trees with TPOs within Conservation Areas

If you want to undertake work on a tree with a TPO, or on a tree in a designated conservation area, then you'll need to apply for permission from our planning team.

The Planning Portal offer extensive guidance on tree preservation orders and trees within a conservation area. We'd advise you to look through this guide before applying to undertake work on a tree with a TPO or a tree in a designated conservation area.

Before you use the application form below - check out their handy guide [pdf] on how to make an application via the Planning Portal.

High hedges

If you have an issue with high hedges, you can register a complaint with us.

However, you must try to address the problem yourself before you complain to us.

  1. Speak to your neighbour and politely ask if you can discuss the hedge.
  2. If this doesn't work, ask your neighbour to try mediation.
  3. If you still can't agree, let them know that you plan to complain to us.

If you haven't done each of these first, we can't accept your complaint. We'll ask you for evidence, so keep a record of your attempts to resolve the issue informally.