Funding was awarded by Sustrans for phase 2 of the TPT between the ranger cabin and the Camsley Lane subway. The design of the scheme is underway and is similar to the phase 1 scheme completed earlier this year.

The aim of the project is to provide an improved all weather surface which would benefit people walking, cycling, using mobility scooters, wheelchairs etc. The existing A frame barriers on Star Lane are proposed to be removed and replaced by new access controls more in keeping with the requirements of the Equality Act. A plan showing the extent of the proposed works

Trans pennine trail phase 2

As for the phase 1 scheme between Whitbarrow Road and Reddish Lane, we are not proposing to use tarmac. Instead we are proposing to use a mixture of recycled rubber from vehicle tyres and natural stone aggregate which forms a hard wearing but porous surface. The phase 1 scheme used a material called “Flexipave” though we are investigating other suppliers.

The benefits of this type of surface is that has a much lower environmental footprint requiring less tree removal and allows for better drainage. It has a softer surface which is better for pedestrians, runners, dog walkers and horse riders. It is also much more attractive than tarmac thanks to the golden aggregate giving it a speckled appearance. The phase 1 project used the equivalent of over 10,000 recycled car tyres which is a saving of 230,555kg of CO2 had these tyres been burned.


The public consultation for this project has ended. We are very grateful for all of the comments received. There has been a very strong support for the proposals.  The design will be modified to reflect a number of useful points raised by the public including:

  • Better connections between the north-south footpath from Statham Avenue and the TPT.
  • Clarification that this section of the TPT can also be used by horse riders to avoid the main road.
  • Replacement of the A frame barriers on Star Lane with the swinging gates style chicanes as used on Whitbarrow road, Lymmhay Lane and Reddish Lane.
  • Provision of at least one bench along its length

Next steps

The modified design will be used to tender for a contractor to undertake the work. Once appointed we would work with the contractor to agree a work programme and method of working. We will aim to minimise the length of time that the TPT has to be closed for public use. Our aim is to start work on the scheme in July 2023 pending weather conditions. All updates will be provided on this page.

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