Food and drink is not to be brought into the centre unless it is part of a child’s specific dietary plan. Parents/carers can suggest food/drink items to be sourced and placed on the menu.

Menu itemPrice
Black Coffee£1.90
Cappuccino      £1.90
Hot Chocolate£2.20
Cafe Mocha£2.20
Shot of syrup50p
Tea £1.25
Coke can£1.50
Cup of milk70p
Fruit shoot90p
Oasis/Vimto bottles£1.25
Water £1.00
Flavoured water£1.25
Jug of juice£1.00
Fresh orange/apple juice90p
Large Chocolate                    80p
Small Chocolate                    50p
Crisps                                      80p
Biscuit bag    60p
Ice pops    25p
Lolly Ices£1.20
Cornetto's/Magnums                   £1.50
Sweet cones £1.00
Hot Snacks 
All day breakfast + hot drink -  sausage, bacon, egg, beans, toast£4.95
All day MEGA breakfast + hot drink  -2 sausage, 2 bacon, 2 egg, beans, 2 Toast & 2 hash browns£6.95
Extra fillings – Sausage, Bacon , Toast, Egg, Spaghetti75p
Hash Brown x 2 £1.00
Toast  x 2£1.50
Crumpet  x 2 £1.30
Tea Cake £1.30
Cheese toastie                    £2.20
Ham toastie                    £2.30
Cheese and ham toastie £2.80
Beans on toast£2.20
Spaghetti on toast£2.20
Bacon toastie£2.70
Sausage toastie£2.70
Beans and sausage on toast£2.90
Scrambled or fried egg on toast £2.20
Jacket potato £2.35
Jacket potato + beans £3.10
Jacket potato + cheese £3.10
Jacket potato, cheese + beans £3.80
Jacket potato + tuna £3.80
Burgers £2.00
Cheeseburgers £2.50
Hotdogs £2.00
Children's meals 
Chips £1.50
Potato waffles x 2 £1.50
Hash Browns x 2 £1.00
Pizza (Cheese or pepperoni) nuggets or fish fingers £2.00 per portion
Chips + fish fingers £3.50
Chips + nuggets £3.50
Chips + pizza  (Cheese or pepperoni)£3.50


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