Menu item Price
Black Coffee £1.70
Latte £1.70
Espresso £1.70
Cappuccino       £1.70
Hot Chocolate £2.00
Cafe Mocha £2.00
Tea  £1.20
Cans £1.00
Milk Drink  £1.00
Capri Sun £1.00
Oasis/Vimto bottles £1.00
Fruit Shoot     70p
Water Inc. Flavours £1.00
Jug of juice £1.00
Large Chocolate                     60p
Small Chocolate                     40p
Crisps                                       60p
Biscuit (pkt, bag)     40p
Ice pops     20p
Hot Snacks  
Toast  x 2 £1.50
Crumpet  x 2  £1.20
Tea Cake  £1.20
Pot of Jam           10p
Cheese toastie                     £2.20
Ham toastie                     £2.20
Cheese and ham toastie  £2.70
Beans on toast £2.00
Spaghetti on toast £2.00


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We are reopening on a phased return. View our session bookings.

The centre is open to anyone with a disability (and their family and friends) along with parents or carers.

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Warrington Play & Sensory Centre, Woolston Neighbourhood Hub, Hall Road, Warrington, WA1 4PN

Telephone: 01925 817347

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