We look after four cemeteries and a crematorium in Warrington where you can arrange for a burial or interment of ashes:

Walton Lea Crematorium

The arrangements and costs at Walton Lea are different to our other cemeteries, find out more:

Arranging the funeral and hiring the chapel

If you’re using a funeral director, they will make all of the funeral arrangements and sort the paperwork. The necessary fees will then be shown on your bill. Find out more about arranging a funeral.

Our fees for a funeral and burials will vary depending on requirements.

Interment of cremated remains

Our fees for the interment will vary depending on requirements.

Exclusive right of burial

You can also buy the exclusive right of burial for a grave, which means you decide who can be buried there.

Headstones and memorials

You may decide to put up a headstone or other grave marker. You will need to apply to us for the ‘right to erect a memorial’ for a headstone. It’s free for our baby gardens.

Sometimes it can take a while to make and inscribe a headstone.

We are members of BRAMM (British Registration of Approved Monumental Masons) who have an approved register ensuring all stonework meets the BS8415 standard.

Our fees for headstones and memorials will vary.

Get in touch

Email our bereavement services team or call 01925 267731

14 June 2023