The Council is composed of 58 councillors who serve on the council for a four-year term.

All councillors meet together as the council every eight weeks where the council's overall policies and yearly budget are set.  Find out more about council meetings and view the list of committees.

Make-up of the Council

  • Conservatives – 10 seats
  • Labour – 36 seats
  • Liberal Democrats – 8 seats
  • Independent – 1 seat
  • Independent – 1 seat
  • Independent – 1 seat
  • Independent – 1 seat

Council leader: Councillor Hans Mundry

Deputy leader: Councillor Janet Henshaw

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Code of conduct

The Council adopted its current Code of Conduct at the meeting of 20 May 2019. The code sets out the standards required by Councillors and is consistent with the following principles of selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership. 

The code applies to all Councillors and co-opted members of the borough council.