The council's Chief Executive is Professor Steven Broomhead

Steven's responsibility is to align the council with its strategic vision and values whilst guiding employees and other executive officers towards the realisation of these goals.

Corporate Services

Director of Corporate Services, and Deputy Chief Executive: Lynton Green

Lynton is responsible for financial, legal and democratic services, revenues and benefits, HR, ICT, and customer service.

Deputy Director, Finance (Deputy 151 Officer): Claire Harris

  • Audit, risk and insurance
  • Finance and accountancy
  • Procurement
  • Revenues, benefits and exchequer
  • Registrars
  • Contact Warrington

Director, Workforce and Organisational Change: Gareth Hopkins

  • HR and payroll
  • ICT
  • Communications, web and social media
  • Transformation
  • Business intelligence and change
  • Sub-regional programme office
Legal, Democratic and Elections

Director of Law and Governance: Matthew Cumberbatch

  • Legal services
  • Democratic and member services
  • Mayor's office
  • Elections and electoral registration
Families and Wellbeing

Director of Children's Services (DCS): Amanda Perraton

  • Children in need
  • Children in care
  • Children leaving care
  • Safeguarding children
  • Fostering and adoption

Director of Education and Community Services (Deputy DCS): Paula Worthington

  • Schools
  • Early help
  • SEND

Director of Adult Social Care (DASS): Caroline Williams

  • Adult social care
  • Assessment and care management
  • Integrated care
  • Commissioning
  • Safeguarding adults  

    Director of Public Health:

    • Public health
    • Housing support
    • Neighbourhoods 
    • Drug and alcohol support services
    • Emergency planning
    • Health and safety
    • Trading standards
    • Environmental health
    • Licensing




    Director of Growth: Steve Park

    • Warrington and Co
    • Property and estates 
    • Employment and business growth
    • Planning policy and programmes
    • Local housing company
    Environment and Transport

    Director of Environment and Transport: David Boyer

    • Streetworks
    • Bins, waste and recycling
    • Street cleaning
    • Parks and green spaces
    • Pest control
    • Infrastructure, roads and highways
    • Building control
    • Development management

    HM Coroner for Cheshire: Ms Jacqueline Devonish

    The coroner is an independent judicial officer, not part of Warrington Borough Council.

    21 December 2023