Our enforcement officers are keen to tackle irresponsible dog owners and ensure they're held accountable. Where we're able to trace the person responsible we'll be able to investigate further and take action.

Officers can only investigate where the fouling has taken place on council land.

We appreciate that it is often difficult to witness the actual fouling taking place, however we need as much information about the person responsible as possible, such as:

  • Anything you know about the owner – name, address, description, etc
  • Anything you know about the dog – fur colour, breed, name, etc
  • Where the fouling took place (and when, if known)
  • The time of day that they walk their dog and the route they take
  • An associated vehicle registration number

Without any of this information our officers are unlikely to identify the irresponsible owner and so the matter will be dealt with by street cleansing. The more information, the more likely it is they will be able to identify them.

Any local information is really valuable for example it wouldn't be efficient for officers to Patrol between 10am-11am in a specific location if the person who allows their dog to foul does so between 6pm and 7pm every evening.