A photo montage of a person cycling outdoors, a LiveWire swimming pool, people walking outdoors and an athletics track.

Regular exercise is a great way to improve your mental and physical wellbeing, and there’s plenty of ways you can get active in and around Warrington Town Centre.

Warrington has fantastic parks where you are able to soak up some nature whilst also getting your legs moving. In the town centre you can pop into Bank Park and Queens Gardens at any time, whilst still being near the shops and cafes, so why not incorporate a quick walk around the park into your day out?

Better Health

Increasing the amount you move in a day can benefit your health in all aspects. Better still, doing this outside shows greater benefits. Visit the Better Health page to find tools, tips, and mobile application to help you move more.


Walking is one of the best ways you can be more active, lose weight and be healthier. From self-guided walks and trail walks to health walks and parks and nature walks, there’s plenty to choose from.


We’ve made lots of improvements to make cycling in and around the town centre easier than ever.

Live Wire

Your local libraries and leisure centres are run by Livewire, a community interest company (CIC) who look after leisure, library and lifestyle services in Warrington.