The scheme

We're proposing several junction improvements, including walking and cycling improvements, within the west Warrington area to support the development of the Omega and Lingley Mere development sites. 

The plan

Omega Local Highways plan

The vast majority of the funding for these improvements will come from developers, Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership Local Growth Fund and the Department for Transports National Productivity Investment Fund. You can view the proposals below.

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Omega Local Highways Phase 1 (latest news)

Latest news

Lingley Green Avenue/Omega Boulevard junction improvements

We'll be removing the Eastbound closure on Lingley Green Avenue between Omega Boulevard and Sophia Drive from 4:30 pm on Wednesday 30 June 2021; this will then be open to traffic in both directions. 

On Thursday, 1 July 2021, at 9:30 am, we will commence the final phase of the works; this requires the closure of Omega Boulevard to northbound traffic from Lingley Green Avenue to Orion Boulevard. This closure will remain in place until the end of August 2021. The diversion for these works is Lingley Green Avenue, Whittle Avenue, Burtonwood Road and Skyline Drive.

After completing this aspect of the works, we will then be undertaking the final carriageway resurfacing in the area; we'll send full details nearer the time confirming dates and temporary traffic management restrictions required to facilitate this activity.

We'll provide a temporary pedestrian crossing on Lingley Green Avenue (located at the existing toucan crossing). Then, we'll commission the permanent toucan crossing, removing the temporary crossing facility.

Pedestrians will have to use the East side of Omega Boulevard on the new footway as access on the West will be limited. Pedestrian's leaving the side entrance of the Bloor Homes site will have to travel Northbound and follow the pedestrian diversion route.

We'll undertake all works in line with current guidance on COVID-19 from the UK Government. However, activities will only be undertaken where the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) issued on 7 January 2021 by the Construction Leadership Council can be appropriately implemented.

Please note that these timescales are subject to change due to the nature of live construction projects and the evolving situation regarding COVID-19.

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The scheme

Improvements are planned at the junctions of Lingley Green Avenue/Omega Boulevard and Lingley Green Avenue/Great Sankey Neighbourhood Hub. These will support development within the West Warrington area by reducing congestion and improve facilities for pedestrian and cyclists.

The improvements include:

  • New pedestrian and cyclist crossings
  • New shared foot and cycle paths
  • Widened sections of road


Construction of these improvements will begin in June 2020 and be complete in February 2021.


A budget of £6.5 million is available for the scheme. We’ll be contributing approximately £1m of this overall cost with remaining contributions provided by:

  • Omega Warrington Limited
  • Lingley Mere Business Park Development Company
  • The Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership via a successful Local Growth Fund Bid 
Omega Local Highways Phase 2B (latest news)

Latest news

On Monday 22nd February we will be installing temporary ‘three way’ traffic signals at the junction of Liverpool Road / Lingley Green Avenue until further notice, to allow us to undertake the carriageway widening on the approach to the junction. These temporary traffic signals will be manually operated during the morning an evening peak times


Construction of these improvements will begin in Autumn 2020

    The Scheme

    The junction of A57 Liverpool Road and Lingley Green Avenue currently experiences heavy peak hour traffic. 

    Our proposals include:

    • The widening of Lingley Green Avenue (southbound) and Liverpool Road (eastbound) to create additional road capacity on the approach to the junction
    • Upgrade existing crossing facilities on Lingley Green Avenue and Liverpool Road to pedestrian/cycle (toucan) crossings
    • Upgraded shared foot/cycleway along Lingley Green Avenue northbound

    Compulsory purchase order

    On 7 January 2019, we formally made The Warrington Borough Council (A57 Liverpool Road/Lingley Green Avenue – Junction Improvements) Compulsory Purchase Order 2019 under Sections 239, 240, 246, 250 and 260 of the Highways Act 1980 (as amended) and Section 19 and Schedule 3 to the Acquisition of Land Act 1981.

    The order was submitted to the Secretary of State for Transport for confirmation on 17 January 2019 and, in exercise of his powers under the above acts, was confirmed with modifications by the Secretary of State for Transport on 18 June 2019. The Order authorises us to compulsorily purchase land and new rights for the purpose of:

    • Localised widening of the A5280 Lingley Green Avenue (Southbound) for a distance of 100m to form separate left and right turn lanes at the stopline;
    • Localised widening of the A57 Liverpool Road (eastbound) for a distance of 80m to form separate left and ahead lanes at the stopline;
    • Upgrade of existing pedestrian crossing on Lingley Green Avenue to a toucan crossing (suitable for both pedestrians and cyclists);
    • Relocation and upgrade of the existing pedestrian crossing to a toucan crossing on Liverpool Road to the east of Lingley Green Avenue;
    • Retention of existing advanced stoplines for cyclists; and
    • Provision of additional dropped kerbs to facilitate use of toucan crossings for cyclists.

    A person aggrieved by the order may, by application to the High Court, challenge its validity under section 23 of the Acquisition of Land Act 1981. The grounds for challenge can be that the authorisation granted by the order is not empowered to be granted or that there has been a failure to comply with any relevant statutory requirement relating to the order.


    The cost of this scheme is £2.5m. The majority of this will be funded by the Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership and the Department for Transport National Productivity Investment Fund, following the submission of successful funding bids.

    Omega Local Highways Phase 3C

    As part of the planning process for the Omega development, improvements to the junction of Whittle Avenue/Westbrook Way were secured. 

    The first stage of improvements were completed in April 2019 with the widening of Burtonwood Road southbound. The remainder of the proposals are currently in development. A public consultation is expected in late 2020 to obtain feedback.


    A proportion of £8.2m has been secured from Omega Warrington Limited for improvements in this location.


    Public consultation has been undertaken for the following projects:

    • Omega Local Highways Phase 1
    • Omega Local Highways Phase 2B 
    • Omega Local Highways Phase 3B

    The consultation reports: