‘Parking dispensation’ means that we give you permission to park where you normally shouldn’t, such as on yellow lines or in a taxi rank or disabled bay.  You can also apply to park somewhere for longer than normally allowed, such as in a waiting or loading bay (we call this a ‘bay suspension’).

It’s usually for things like:

  • moving home
  • doing building work
  • loading or unloading goods to/from your car or van
  • special events 
  • weddings or funerals
  • media filming 

When we can’t give you a dispensation

  • If it will severely affect disabled/doctors/police bays, taxi ranks or bus stops
  • If there is a loading restriction period in place
  • Within 50 metres of a signal controlled junction
  • On or near pedestrian crossings
  • On a footpath  
  • On a bend
  • On the brow of a hill
  • On clearways or fast flowing roads
  • Near to the entrance of a school 
  • If you’ve already had a dispensation twice within the past four weeks four weeks – except in exceptional circumstances
  • If it’ll be too dangerous 


£15 per vehicle, per day. In some circumstances or for large vehicles, we may charge £15 per 5 metres.

Apply for parking dispensation

You need to apply at least three working days before, but please try and give as much notice as possible. 

You’ll need to tell us:

  • your name, address and contact details
  • give us as much information as possible about where, when and how long you need a dispensation, and why
  •  the make, model, colour and registration number of your vehicle
  • confirm that it’s taxed and insured

After you apply

After we receive your application we do an assessment, we look at:

  • Why you need the dispensation
  • When it is and how long it’s for
  • The size of the road or pavement
  • Whether it will cause an obstruction
  • Whether it could be dangerous for drivers or pedestrians
  • Whether there are other areas nearby where you could park safely without needing a dispensation
  • Whether it would be an unfair inconvenience to others, for example if you want to use the only disabled bay in the area  

We’ll contact you to let you know whether we can grant the dispensation. If we say yes, you’ll have to pay the fee as soon as you can.  If you don’t pay before the first day of the dispensation then we’ll cancel your permission.

To pay, call 01925 442865 between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

After you pay we’ll send you a dispensation certificate to put in your vehicle.

We might ask you to provide more information or proof of the reason why you’ve asked for the dispensation. If we don’t believe your application is honest and valid then we won’t give you permission.


  • Don’t put any materials or goods on the road or footpath, except at the back of your car or van so that you can load it into the vehicle
  • The dispensation is only for the dates and times specified, you can’t park there at any other time
  • If you’ve finished the job you needed the dispensation for, you must move your vehicle and park lawfully
  • You can’t give your certificate to anyone else, or use it in a different vehicle than the one you applied for
  • You must clearly display your dispensation certificate in your vehicle, otherwise you may get a parking fine 
  • You must move your vehicle if the police or one of our parking wardens asks you to, or if there’s an emergency
  • You must park safely at all times, and make sure you don’t block access to side roads or your neighbours’ homes