• Tattooing
  • Cosmetic piercing (ears or body)
  • Semi-permanent skin colouring (semi-permanent make up, scalp micropigmentation)
  • Acupuncture
  • Electrolysis

If you offer any of these five activities, you and your premise must be registered with us. We do not register mobile practices, you must have premises.

You must have an inspection by an officer before you can be registered.

Before you apply

You must be qualified and competent in your activity. Your premise, the place you will carry out your activity, needs to comply with relevant health and safety regulations.

Read the skin piercing checklist and relevant byelaws to check what needs to be in place before you apply.

How to apply

Complete an application form. You will need to provide detailed information including details of your premise, your activity, and any previous convictions for practicing without registration.

Fees and charges

  • Person and premises registration £109.61 - First application to register both a person and a premise
  • Register an additional person or activity £82.21 - Registration for a new person to practice at an existing premise or for a registered person to practice an additional activity
  • Register additional premises £82.21 - Registration for a registered person to practice at a new or additional premise
  • Replacement registration certificate or amend details on existing certificate £27.40 - Reissue of an existing certificate or amendment to existing certificate e.g., change of first or surname

Fees are for one officer inspection. If we cannot approve your application after the first inspection, we may charge for each inspection.

After we receive your application

We will contact you to request detailed information about your premise and how you will carry out your activity. We will then inspect your premises to ensure that you comply with byelaws.


If your application is unsuccessful and you want to appeal the decision, contact environmental.health@warrington.gov.uk


We will not refund if we have begun work on your application. If you require a refund before your application is processed, email your reference number and contact details to environmental.health@warrington.gov.uk.


Get in touch

Email our environmental health team or call 01925 442588