You need to apply for street trading consent if you want to sell goods or food in any street in Warrington. This includes mobile food sellers, ice cream vans and flower sellers.

There are some exemptions, please refer to the Council’s Street Trading Policy.

Fees and charges

Street trading screening assessment (initial consultation) £45

New application food £526

Final approval fee (upon successful application) £47

Day permit £65

Seasonal licence application fee £362

Final approval fee £47

Variation fee £162


If you trade without consent or don’t meet the conditions of your licence, we’ll take action against you.

Applications received
Determination notices

There are no determination notices at this time


To make a complaint, please email

Street trading policy 2021

The street trading policy seeks to create a street trading environment which complements premise-based trading.

It is also sensitive to the needs of residents, provides diversity and consumer choice and enhances the character, ambience and safety of local environments.

This policy reflects important changes, relating to:

  • The adoption of further steps to enhance safeguarding
  • The streamlining of some of the administrative processes around the renewal and variation of an application
  • Greater regard to equality and the need to avoid duplication
  • The ability to suspend a licence for poor hygiene and additional controls over waste
  • Trading near schools and the maintenance of the nutritional waiver to promote health and wellbeing