Appointments & Access to property

  1. The appointment address must be in Warrington

  2. You will ensure someone is present at the property at the time of the appointment
  3. For health and safety reasons, the person present at the property must be at least 16 years old.
  4. No refund will be given if the Council cannot carry out the treatment due to the customer or appointed person being absent at the time of the appointment.
  5. If a pest officer discovers that a residential booking has been made for what should be a commercial booking then they will not carry out any treatment and no refund will be given. If you wish for an officer to re-attend then you will need to book again under the commercial option and pay the commercial charge in full. To confirm, if you are a landlord making a booking for a property you do not live in then you must complete the commercial booking.
  6. If the Council are unable to complete the treatment because you have not followed the pre-visit instructions, no refund will be made. You will need to schedule a new appointment and pay the appropriate fee.
  7. If an officer attends and is unable to complete the treatment due to inaccessibility, a 50% refund will be authorised as no treatment will be completed.
  8. Wasp/bee appointments are only ever treated externally. If an active nest is discovered in the loft space there will still be an external access point which can be used to treat the issue. A 50% refund will be given if any of the following occurs:
  • The ingress point (where the wasps/bees are entering the property) is above gutter level and cannot be accessed by our pest officers with the equipment used.
  • What you believe to be wasps, is identified as bees and you do not wish to continue with a treatment.
  • The nest is an accessible honey bee’s nest and you wish to contact a local bee keeper for removal instead of continuing with a treatment.
  • On attending site, it is discovered that the issue is foraging wasps/bees on a tree/bush and that there is no accessible nest to treat.

 9. If an officer attends a wasp/bee appointment and there is more than one nest, further nests can only be treated at the discounted rate if card payment is made over the phone at the time of the appointment. If you are unable to make this payment, you will need to rebook at a later date and pay the full charge for a new appointment.

 10. Pest Officers will not remove treated wasps nests.

 11. Pest Officers will only remove dead rodents where it is practicable for them to do so. The Council reserves the right to refuse removal.

 12. The Council does not accept any liability for loss, damage or injury to any domestic animals, birds, goods or equipment unless it was caused by negligence by the Council or its employees.


 13. By making payment you accept the service and agree to these terms and conditions.

Payment methods include:

  • Online or telephone by credit / debit card (The payment will appear on your bank statement as ‘WBC MV Internet’ followed by the amount paid)

 14. The services and charges are subject to change at any time.

 15. When an additional, unbooked pest control treatment is required at the time the officer treats the initial pest problem, a new appointment will need to be made with the correct fee.

 16. It is at the discretion of the officer whether additional treatments can be carried out during a visit, if this is possible then a card payment will need to be made over the phone at the time of the visit for any additional charges.

Cancellations/Rescheduling appointments

 17. If you want to cancel your appointment and receive a refund please sign in to your My Warrington Account or call Contact Warrington on 01925 443322 - 1 working day before the scheduled appointment (Mon to Fri) to receive a full refund. We do not accept cancellations via email.

 18. If you need to reschedule appointment 2 or 3 call Contact Warrington on 01925 443322 at least 1 working day before the scheduled appointment (Mon to Fri).

 19. If the Council cannot keep an appointment, they will contact you as soon as possible to offer an alternative. If you are unable to make alternative arrangements then a full refund will be given.

 20. If an appointment is missed because of events beyond the Council’s control, the Council cannot accept responsibility for any inconvenience or losses caused.


 21. Refunds will be given where cancellations are made by 1 working day* before a scheduled appointment.

*Working days are Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays and weekends.

 22. Refunds are processed within 2-3 working days and will be refunded by the original payment method. The payment may take 3-5 days to show on your account, this timescale is subject to your banks processing time. Privacy

 23. To find out how we handle your information, read Warrington Borough Council’s privacy notice.