Trouble paying?

If you're having trouble paying your council tax, it's important you take action and we'll do our best to help get you back on track.

One way that can help is to set up an affordable payment plan and as well as that check what discounts on your bill or Council Tax Support you could get.

Council Tax discounts

Council Tax support

Exceptional hardship and personal circumstances

Help and support

If you are having trouble paying your Council Tax bill, it's important you get all the help and advice you can. Visit our Money and debt advice page for advice and a list of organisations that could help.

If bankruptcy proceedings have been issued against you then please seek independent legal advice.

Money and debt advice


Set up a payment plan online

If you have looked at discounts and Council Tax Support and are still having trouble paying, setting up an affordable payment plan can help. 

You can easily create your own payment plan online, you just need an account to do it.

You can create an online account if you don't have one, it's very easy and won't take long. Once you have created your account, you can manage your Council Tax online.

Look at our guide to creating an account to find out more.

Create an account or set up a payment plan online 

Have you received a...

Reminder letter

You should pay your missed instalments to bring your account up to date.

If you have trouble bringing your account up to date then you can set up a payment plan to clear what you owe.

Make a Council Tax payment

Set up a payment plan

Final Notice

You need to pay your remaining full year's council tax. 

If you have trouble paying your remaining full year's Council Tax then you can set up a payment plan to clear what you owe. 

Pay your Council Tax

Set up a payment plan

Court Summons

You need to pay what you owe.

You can set up a payment plan but this will include the court costs.

Pay what you owe

Set up a payment plan

Further information about Court Summons

Collecting outstanding Council Tax

After a court summons we can use liability orders, attachment to benefit or earnings and enforcement agents to collect the Council Tax owed.

23 January 2024