You need a licence from the council’s highways and contract services unit, if you want to put up hoarding or scaffolding on a public road.



If you want to work on a building in a street, you should put a close boarded hoarding of fence to separate the building from the street.

We may ask you to put a temporary footway outside the hoarding and to light the hoarding when it’s dark.


As part of the application for a licence you need to prove that you have insurance. We need your insurance agent to confirm that you have a minimum of £2,000,000 public liability cover.

Council representative

Our representative in these matters shall be the director of environment and regeneration, to whom all notifications should be addressed and who will arrange various inspections and give the permission and approvals which have to be obtained.


a) Where scaffolding is being erected, a close boarded illuminated covered way is required for pedestrians passing under, unless agreed otherwise by the director of environment and regeneration

b) Where the scaffolding causes an obstruction to a footway, a properly signed, guarded and suitably lit temporary footway shall be provided to the satisfaction of the director of environment and regeneration

c) all scaffolding shall comply with the provisions of the Health and Safety at Work Act


The scaffold, hoarding or other structure shall be maintained to the satisfaction of the director of environment and regeneration.

Emergency contact

The applicant, before commencing the work, shall provide the director of environment and regeneration with the addresses and telephone numbers at which his representatives can be contacted at any time of the day or night during weekdays, weekends and public holidays if different to those shown on the application form.

Sighting lighting and guarding

All necessary precautions are to be taken to safeguard pedestrians and traffic and the scaffolding, hoarding, obstruction, or projection is to be signed and guarded, and from sunset to sunrise shall be lighted, all in accordance with the Traffic Signs Manual (Chapter 8, Traffic Safety Measures for Roadworks) and to the satisfaction of the director of environment and regeneration. The lighting shall comply with "I.E.E. Wiring Regulations for Electrical Installations" and be transformed down not to exceed 25 volts.


The person to whom this licence is issued will be responsible for all accidents of whatever description. He will also be responsible for all lighting, supervising and where the highway has been damaged for reimbursing the council's cost reinstating the highway in proper condition and for any other repairs or work required to the property of the council.

Planning consent

This licence is issued by the director of environment and regeneration and gives permission only to erect the structure within or adjacent to the highway at the place described, the applicant must also obtain any planning consent or other permission that may be necessary.

Statutory undertakers

The applicant is responsible for informing statutory undertakers where their plant or equipment is affected, and may have to protect or give to that apparatus if required.


No advertisement shall be permitted to be affixed to the scaffolding other than emergency contact information.

Machinery or storage

Machinery must not be used or materials stored on the highway without the permission in writing of the director of environment and regeneration.


The structure shall be so designed and constructed that no materials from the building operations, demolition, alteration, repair work, maintenance or cleaning shall fall on the highway except such part of the highway as is not accessible to the public by virtue of the structure.


When the period for which this permit has expired, the hoarding / scaffolding or other structure shall be removed and the highway left clear, free from all debris unless an extension in time has been agreed to in writing by the director of environment and regeneration.

Non-compliance with conditions

If the conditions in this schedule are not strictly complied with in any way, the council after giving 24 hours notice of default (or in case of emergency, without notice) shall have consent of the other party to enter, and do all such works as are necessary to make good the default in compliance with the conditions, and such shall be carried out under section 296 of the Highways Act 1980 as works executed with the agreement of and the expense of the permit holder. It is hereby declared that Section 305 of the Highways Act 1980 shall apply to all works done under this section.

Legislation and guidance

You can appeal to the magistrates’ court if you’re refused a licence or if you don’t agree with any conditions attached to the licence.

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