First and last mile artist impression on Sankey Street

One of the seven projects we will be delivering is a sustainable travel package of works.

We have identified several themes within the sustainable travel package following extensive engagement with the people of Warrington in 2019 including public consultation on the Local Transport Plan and the Central 6 masterplan

This engagement amassed thousands of responses and ideas. As we work with partners to develop projects within these themes, we will continue to engage with local people at every step of the way.

An image of the proposed first and last mile project along Sankey Street

An impression of the First and Last Mile project on Sankey Street

Transforming travel

Through the Town Investment Plan funding we aim to:

  • Re-design key interior streets to make them safer, less car-oriented and more appealing for cyclists and pedestrians. This includes schemes to enhance the cycling experience within the Town Centre.
  • Enhance the connections between the green ring of parks, open spaces and greenways that circle the Town Centre but are not well connected between themselves and with the town centre. This includes improving the access to the River Mersey bank environment.
  • Improve wayfinding across Warrington to complement improvements to the walking and cycling experience in the Town Centre. Specific activities would include new wayfinding and enhancements to sports and recreational facilities.
  • Establish a Community Cycle Hub in the town centre, including at various stages, bike hire facilities, a café, a repair workshop, maintenance courses, recycled bike offers and secure cycle parking. Often operated as a social enterprise, a hub relies on finding suitable accommodation in a location that will attract passing trade as well as being convenient for existing cyclists, and operators to run it
  • Deliver a series of bus priority measures which will facilitate a network of high quality bus services benefitting from priority at congestion hotspots and/or segregated running. This will allow the bus services to compete with private car for journeys into the town centre. This is essential for creating a thriving, attractive and fully accessible centre

Trans Pennine Trail upgrade

The existing route between Wilderspool Causeway and Greenall's Avenue has narrowed over the years by trees and bushes and has a poor surface. In winter and after heavy rain the path is an unpleasant experience for most users, especially for wheelchair users and mobility scooters.

We are working on a proposed scheme to provide a wider path (up to 3.5 metres where space permits) with a surface such as tarmac, which will be more weather-resistant and harder wearing. It will be very similar in design to the recently completed section between Knutsford Road and Wilderspool Causeway. Find out more about our plans to improve this section of the Trans Pennine Trail (TPT).

Trans pennine upgrade - Wilderspool Causeway to Greenalls Avenue running behind Morrisons