We issue two types of licenses:

  • Joint Hackney Carriage/Private Hire driver's licence (JDL)
  • Additionally Conditioned Driver's licence (ACD)

Our private licensing policy contains further information.

  • ACD’s are single licences that allow the holder to drive additionally conditioned private hire vehicles only.
  • However you won't be licensed to drive ‘standard’ Private Hire Vehicles or Hackney Carriages.

The application process

Please read the following documents and complete the relevant forms:

Changes to Disclosure and Barring Service requirements

As a result of the government introducing Statutory Guidance for the Taxi and Private Hire Trade across England there have been changes that will affect the taxi trade. Since the 1st June 2021 licensed drivers will be required to undergo a DBS check every six months instead of every 3 years. Applicants/Licensed drivers must now subscribe to the DBS update service (currently £13 a year) within 30 days of issue. This will be a mandatory requirement on all driver licenses issued after the 1st June 2021 (new or as and when a current driver applies to renew their licence). How to subscribe to the DBS Update Service and register your current DBS certificate with the service

  • Visit the DBS Update Service web site
  • Click on the link to register for the Update Service in blue, this takes you to the registration page
  • Start entering your details
  • As you complete your details you will see a section that asks for application number

If you have received your DBS certificate and have the certificate number (within 30 days from the issue date) use/click the option to “use my certificate number instead” and this option will then not only subscribe you to the DBS Update Service, but includes the registration of your current DBS certificate.

The option to use the application number (generated when you made your online application) can be used within 28 days from you submitting your application. Once completed, this will subscribe you to the DBS Update Service. However, it is important to understand that you will need to log back into your DBS Update Service when you receive your new DBS certificate and register it. This must be done within 19 days of the printing date of your DBS certificate (due to be increased to 28 days) 

Once registered for the DBS Update Service, make a note of your DBS Update Service ID reference (different to your application/certificate references) as this is needed for you to access your DBS Update Service. When you log in to your Update Service you can do the following:

  • add or remove a certificate
  • give permission to check if anything has changed on your certificate
  • see who has checked if anything has changed on your certificate
  • view your details including updating any payment methods

Drivers should also be aware that the current system of payment for the Update Service is by card only and drivers need to be mindful that if they change their card details their subscription will expire and no reminder will be sent. It is up to the individual driver to ensure that the subscription does not lapse as this could affect your ability to drive a licensed vehicle. 

Where issues arise owing to the Manual DBS Certificate or payment issues via the DBS Update Service, please refer the matter to the Licensing Section. 

If a check of a driver’s DBS Update Service reveals that there is additional information recorded since the last DBS certificate was printed, that the Licensing Authority is not aware of, appropriate action will be taken in line with the Council’s Licensing, Enforcement and Safeguarding policies. Also, a new DBS certificate will be needed and submitted to the Licensing Authority for assessment and registered (within 30 days of issue) on the driver’s DBS Update Service. 

If you need Help from the DBS their contact details are:

DBS customer services

Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm

Saturday, 10am to 5pm 

Telephone: 0300 0200 190

Welsh: 0300 0200 191

Minicom: 0300 0200 192


How do I complete the DBS process?

Please complete your DBS application through the TaxiPlus service.


Return forms to

Email taxidrivers@warrington.gov.uk

11 September 2023