We've recently updated our taxi licensing policy to reflect the inclusion of CCTV and passenger safety. All hackney carriage and private hire vehicles must have approved CCTV cameras and recording equipment in order to pass the MOT compliance test to obtain a licence.

By using CCTV we're able to:

  • protect drivers and the travelling public
  • deter and detect crime.


Warrington’s taxis will now be fitted with the latest systems which will give drivers the option to turn off the system when in private use, however the system must be operational at other times.

Installation of new CCTV systems has begun following the procurement of a multi-award winning company Vision Track who are working in close partnership with a local Installer Warrington Car Audio to carry all replacement work.

Warrington Car Audio will contact all Hackney carriage and Private Hire owners who have existing CCTV systems fitted. The replacement could take up to 12 months to complete so please be patient as they’ll contact all drivers in due course to arrange a suitable appointment.

If you’re a licensed driver or owner with existing CCTV and haven’t yet returned your Licensed vehicle return form you’ll need to return this to us before you can make an appointment to have a new CCTV system fitted.

Information for any new licensed drivers requiring CCTV installation is available via the CCTV framework supplier’s information.

If you require more information then please read our FAQs. If you have any further questions then please email us taxi@warrington.gov.uk