All hackney carriage and private hire vehicles must have approved CCTV cameras and recording equipment in order to pass the MOT compliance test to obtain a licence.

By using CCTV we're able to:

  • protect drivers and the travelling public
  • deter and detect crime.

Warrington Car Audio are the supplier of the CCTV systems for Warrington Borough Council for private hire and hackney carriage vehicles.


CCTV Licensed Vehicles – Update for the Trade

October 2023

The four-year contract for the provision of CCTV in licenced vehicles ended in April. A procurement exercise was undertaken by the Council, where the CCTV contract opportunity was advertised externally on a Northwest Procurement portal. Following a detailed review only one company fully met the Councils Technical Specification. This company is Warrington Car Audio’s ), Unit 2, Priestley Business Centre, Priestley St, Warrington WA5 1TF,

Warrington Car Audio have been the Installer for the previous CCTV Supplier Vision Track for the last four years. The Council is confident that WCA can continue to successfully deliver CCTV installations for licenced vehicles. During the four years they have installed over 560 replacement CCTV systems, offered new CCTV installations for newly licenced vehicles and re-installed existing systems into new vehicles.

The pricing of all WCA’s CCTV services were submitted within their bid and this, therefore, forms part of the contract with them for the next four years. The prices of their services for licenced vehicles can be found on their website:

We recognise that there has been an increase in costs, as a result of the requirement to reprocure a contract, which is largely reflective of the current costs of goods and services. Please contact the licensing authority if you are new applicant looking to install a new CCTV system, as support may be available via the fee structure.

Drivers and operators must continue to maintain existing CCTV units by ensuring that the system is fully operational while in business use, as per the conditions of the licence. Any faults and errors on the CCTV system must be reported within 48hrs to Warrington Car Audio on 01925 571519.

It is recommended that drivers wishing to remove CCTV from their existing vehicle have this undertaken at WCA so that it can be removed correctly. CCTV units removed by unqualified personnel may incur additional installation charges where systems require additional components that have been either not recovered or damaged.

CTTV has been introduced to protect the travelling public and drivers. We are mindful that we need to be responsive to changing needs, and as with any policy, this is kept under regular review.