When you get your council tax bill it contains all the information you need to know about how much you have to pay and why.

This is a sample of a council tax bill which explains what each section means.

Sample Council Tax Bill

Sample Council Tax bill

1. How you can contact the Benefits & Exchequer service.

2. Your council tax account reference.
To help us deal with your questions more quickly, please tell us this reference, or have it to hand, any time you contact us.

3. The valuation band for your property.
This goes from A to E and affects how much council tax you have to pay. Read more about the council tax bands.

4. The financial year for this bill.

5. A breakdown of the annual charge.
This shows what is included in the bill.

6. Adult social care spending.
This line in the breakdown shows how much is used to meet the needs of Adult Social Care. More information is available in our Adult social care funding document.

7. The percentage change to the Council Tax compared to the previous financial year.

8. Council tax discounts or support.
If you have any discounts and/or Council Tax support they are shown here and taken off annual charge.

9. The amount of council tax due for the period shown.

10. How and when your council tax is payable.
If you have any arrears of council tax still to pay for previous years or other properties an amount for these charges will be shown here. This may include any instalment(s) due after the bill issue date.

More information

More information about you council tax and how it is used.

3 April 2024