It can get cold out there! Look after yourself, your family, friends, neighbours, and your home – and make sure you’re prepared.

During severe winter weather, we’ll update this webpage with the latest information about school closures, school transport, bin collections, community recycling centres, local transport, gritting, and any other useful information.

We’ll also try and include updates from our partners like the police, Livewire and Warrington’s Own Buses.

School closures

We rely on schools to let us know if they’re closed and we'll update our schools page if and when we receive any information. But if your child’s school is closed, the school will usually contact you directly.



If you’re homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, get advice from our Housingplus team.

Cost of living

The colder weather can place additional financial pressures on people. Don’t struggle on your own and if you are entitled to additional support then make sure you claim this. This winter you can find a number of useful local and national schemes to support you:

  • Information about local warm spaces, and energy bills support
  • Local food banks and affordable healthy food services
  • Financial advice and support

Staying healthy and well

  • Keep warm
  • Keep active
  • Eat well
  • Look in on vulnerable neighbours and relatives


It is important to ensure you are protected from winter illnesses such as flu and COVID-19, and your best defence is to get your seasonal vaccinations.

Some people can be particularly vulnerable to flu and Covid-19, such as pregnant women, young children and those with certain chronic medical conditions. Those who are vulnerable may be eligible for free vaccinations for flu and COVID-19. If you are a carer it is also important to protect yourself so that you can reduce the risk of those you care for becoming unwell.

Mental health 

Some people may find that the colder and darker winter weather can impact their mental health and wellbeing. If you need to talk to someone or need to access mental health support services, our mental health website Happy? OK? Sad? includes a variety of services as well as information and guidance to help you.

Don’t suffer in silence, seek support if you need to speak with someone.

Warrington’s mental health website can help you with:

  • Urgent mental health support
  • Mental health and wellbeing support directory
  • Mental health training and resources
  • Support for young adults and children

Travel safely

  • Service your car
  • Defrost it completely before you move
  • Keep well back from other cars
  • Slow down!

Before you start your journey, check if there are any problems:

Find out your rights if you can’t get to work because of the weather.

Keep your home warm

You should heat your home to a temperature that is comfortable for you. Low indoor temperatures can have a serious impact on your health, especially if you have medical conditions or are older.

Simple changes can help to keep you and your home warm. These include:

  • try to heat rooms you spend a lot of time in, such as the living room or bedroom, to at least 18°C
  • try to reduce draughts; you can fit draft excluders around doors cheaply
  • keep your bedroom windows closed at night
  • wear several layers of thinner clothing; this could keep you warmer than one thicker layer

People in financial difficulty may find it more difficult to heat their homes sufficiently. This increases the risk of becoming unwell due to cold exposure. There are grants, benefits and sources of advice available to help you make your home more energy efficient, improve your heating or help manage energy bills. 

Protect your home from fire

  • Test your smoke alarms
  • Sweep your chimney
  • Unplug your devices
  • Cook with care

Protect your pipes

  • Wrap your pipes with lagging 
  • Find and check your stop tap
  • Stop your pipes freezing
  • Service your boiler

Check the weather

Keep an eye on the forecast, especially for severe weather warnings: