If you’re a care leaver, you don’t have to pay council tax if you have moved into a home where you are the only person responsible for paying.

If you’ve moved into a home where other people live and they aren’t care leavers, you can get a discount on the council tax, but how much will depend on the circumstances.

You will need to provide:

  • The date you moved into the property
  • The council tax account number
  • The number of people living at the property
  • The support workers name and contact details
  • The local authorities contact information

Once we receive the application, we will contact the support worker to confirm the care leaver status.

Apply online for care leaver relief

The term ‘care leaver’ is defined in The Children (Care Leavers) Act 2000 and refers to eligible, relevant and former relevant children. For further information read our leaving care section.

8 August 2023