Risley creepers

The common lizard is a type of reptile which thrives in mossland. The Latin word for reptile is Reptilis, which means creeper!

There are six types of reptile found in Britain, four of which can be found at Risley Moss. They are the common lizard, slow worm, adder and grass snake. All of these reptiles hibernate during the winter.

The common lizard is active during the day and likes to bask in the sunshine, though if it becomes too hot, they'll take cover somewhere cooler. Quite often, if disturbed, the lizard will return to its favourite basking spot some minutes later!

Swimming at Risley

The common lizard is a capable swimmer and will submerge to avoid danger. It has an excellent sense of hearing, good eyesight and a well-developed sense of smell. 

Self sufficient 

All reptiles flick out their notched or forked tongue in and out, which gathers scent particles from the air using specialised sensory cells in the tongue. Lizards will eat a variety of insects, small snails, spiders and worms and will eat every day.

The common lizard gives birth to between three and 10 young in late summer. They're wrapped in a membrane which the young devour as soon as they're born. Once they've hatched, the mother plays no further part in their development. Instead, they're immediately active and on the hunt for their invertebrate prey!

Did you know?

  • Lizards eat a variety of insects, including small snails
  • They will submerge themselves in water to avoid danger
  • Out of six types of lizard in Britain, four can be found at Risley