A migratory bird

The hobby is a small, slim type of falcon with long pointed wings like a swift. Its Latin name is Falco Subbuteo which means smaller than a buzzard

The feet of a hobby are bright yellow, and it has a vivid orange under tail coverts and 'trousers'. It's a migratory bird which spends the winter months south of the Sahara Desert in Africa. You're likely to see it in Britain between the end of March and the end of October. 

Rising population

The hobby has increased in numbers in Britain over the last few years, thought to be due to the increase in reservoirs and gravel pits.

One of the favourite foods of the hobby is the dragonfly, several species of which can be seen in large numbers at Risley Moss from April to October. Bird watchers will often travel quite a distance to catch a glimpse of the hobbies which can often be spied from the Mossland viewing area. 

They're very entertaining to watch as they're incredibly acrobatic, able to catch their prey with their talons in mid-flight. They will eat small birds as well as insects.


Did you know?

  • It's Latin name is Falco Subbuteo which means smaller than a buzzard
  • Their favourite food is dragonfly
  • They spend the winter in the south of the Sahara Desert