Resident alien

This fascinating fungus grows in several places at Risley Moss. It starts off looking like a small, brown bulb. The outer skin peels back into 4-8 pointed rays, covered in a fleshy layer. This layer then cracks as the rays bend back and curl under, raising the spore bag and leaving it sitting in a saucer-like base. The spores escape through a small, fringed opening, like a tiny beak, at the top.

Guided walks

If you're interested in learning more fascinating facts about the fungi of Risley Moss, we usually have a guided walk, led by an expert in the autumn. Please check our events programme for further details. 

If you want to get serious about learning more, the North West Fungus group holds several meetings a year at Risley Moss. Please ask our Rangers for further details.

Did you know?

  • When mature, Earthstar splits and opens into a star
  • Earthstars belong to a group of fungi called Gasteromycetes