Grasshoppers come out in the day and are sun-loving insects with short stubby antennae; they're strictly vegetarian! 

Singing hoppers

The male grasshopper chirps or stridulates to attract a female. When he has found a potential mate, he changes his tune to a mating song. A row of tiny pegs on his hind legs produces his particular 'song' as he rubs them against his wings. 

Each species has its particular song. 

Omnivores crickets

Crickets have longer antennae and usually walk. They are omnivores and come out at dawn and dusk. Females have a long blade-like ovipositor looks like a very sharp tail and is used for laying eggs - it looks like a very pointed tail! 

Risley Moss

You can sometimes see common field grasshoppers in the grassy areas on the edges of the mossland habitats. Choose a sunny day in June or July and listen out for their singing. It's a joy!

24 January 2022

Did you know?

  • Grasshoppers are strict vegetarians and crickets are omnivores 
  • Grasshoppers have tiny pegs on their hindlegs which they use to create a song
  • Crickets have longer antennae than grasshoppers and usually walk