Elective Home Education (EHE) is where parents or carers decide to educate their child at home, rather than sending them to school. 

If you’re thinking about home education, please contact our EHE Officer. 

If you’re thinking about home education because of a disagreement with school, please contact the school directly or contact our EHE Officer to discuss your options. Call 01925 446190

How to start home education

You don’t need permission to begin to EHE, but you must inform the school in writing that you intend to take your child off their school roll. 

If your child has never registered with a school, please contact our EHE Officer to inform them of your intentions.

Your right to EHE your child applies equally if your child has special educational needs, even if your child has an Education Health & Care Plan (EHCP). 

However, if your child currently attends a special school, the council’s consent is necessary for your child’s name to be removed from the admission register.

Financing home education

There is no financial help as this is solely the parent’s responsibility.

What to teach

You don’t have to teach the National Curriculum, but you need to think about the effect this may have on your child and any examinations they may take.

To take exams you will need to enrol your child with an examination board and find out where your local examination centres are. You will need to pay for any exams entered.

Would I need to teach my child during school hours?

No. You can teach your child on any day of the week and choose hours that are suitable. 

Children in schools receive around 25 hours education over 38 weeks a year. This is considered to be a full time education.

What if the education I provide is not satisfactory?

If it appears that the education is not satisfactory at home, the council may consider a School Attendance Order. This will require your child to be placed on a school roll. 

If you or your child find that home education is not for you, our EHE Officer can advise on how you get your child back in to a school.

You can find more information about elective home education on the gov.uk website