Moving schools during the school year or In-year transfers are requests to transfer from one school to another.

They are any application that is not first admission to primary school (reception class) or first admission to secondary school (moving Year 6 to Year 7). Examples of an in-year transfer would be when a family moves address part way through a school year or a family moves from overseas.


Starting primary or secondary school

You can find all the details of starting primary school (reception class) or starting secondary school (year 6 to year 7) on our site.

Apply for a school transfer

Moving school because of problems your child is having may not be the solution, please think carefully before you apply.

You will need to read our in-year transfer information booklet for parents before applying and you may want to visit the schools you are interested in, if so, contact the school to arrange a visit.

In-year transfer admissions information booklet for parents

Map of primary schools

Map of secondary schools

In-year transfer application form

To apply for a place at a Warrington school, you’ll need to complete a transfer form for each child. You can download an In-year application form, collect one from any Warrington school or we can send you a copy by emailing  

Completing the form

There are seven sections to the form:

  • Sections one to six must be completed by the Parent/Carer.
  • Section seven must be completed by your child’s current school.
  • Families who are moving to Warrington from overseas only need to complete sections one to six of the application form.

Please make sure all sections of the form are complete before sending as any form not filled in will be returned.

Download an In-year application form


We aim to reply to in-year transfer requests within 15 school days of receiving a fully completed application.

School days are when the school is open, so any requests we receive less than 15 school days before a school holiday may not be viewed until the school has re-opened.

In-year admissions not dealt with by us

These schools have their own in-year transfer applications. To apply or ask a question, contact the school directly:

King’s Leadership Academy – In-year transfer form


If your child is refused a place at any school you have requested, you have the right to appeal.

Children with education health and care plans

If your child has an education, health and care plan and is attending a mainstream school then complete the in-year transfer application form. If your child attends a special school or designated provision then you will need to contact the SEND team to make an application, call 01925 442175.

Fair Access

Our Fair Access Protocol makes sure unplaced, vulnerable children and those who are having difficulty finding a place in-year, are given a school place as quickly as possible.