Starting reception class September 2024

The closing date for applications to start reception class in September 2024 has now passed

Applications made on or before the closing date of 15 January 2024 are classed as on time and will be looked at together. Applications made after the 15 January 2024 are classed as late and will be looked at after on-time applications. This is unless the child has changed address or has recently been taken into care.

You can find more information in our Primary Schools Brochure 2024-25


If you’re not applying for first admission to primary school, starting reception class, in September 2024 you need to visit our moving schools page for details of in-year transfers.

Living outside the Warrington area?

If you live outside of the Warrington area (i.e. pay council tax to another Local Authority) you can state a preference for a Warrington school, but you must apply using your home local authority online application form.

How to make a late application

Only Warrington residents should complete our application form. Please read our Primary Schools brochure and view a map of all the Warrington primary schools before applying.

You can download a copy of our application form or you can contact the admission team on 01925 446226 and we can email or post a form to you.

Once complete, scan your completed form and send it to:
Please do not send photographs of completed applications we need to make copies of them.

Or you can post it to:
Admissions Team, East Annexe, Town Hall, Sankey Street, Warrington, WA1 1UH

Supplementary forms

If any of your preferences are for a faith school, you must complete the schools own supplementary form as well as our application form. The supplementary forms give the schools more details to help them decide the correct oversubscription criteria for your child. You can download the forms from the school’s website.

Completed forms should be sent directly to the school.


Child in care, medical or social application information

If you want your child’s application to be reviewed with child in care, medical or social criteria, you need to send verifying information with your application. Please email this to the School Admission team as a scanned document. you can also send copies of it by post.

Please do not send photographs of verifying information.

Child in care information

If your child is in care or was formerly in care, you must send details of the Local Authority the child was in the care of and a copy of the Adoption Certificate, Child Arrangement Order or Special Guardianship Order.

Medical or social information

Please send supporting evidence from a registered professional, such as a Medical Practitioner, Psychologist or Social Worker, which sets out detailed reasons why the school in question is the most suitable school for your child.

Apply now

If you have all your information ready, you can apply for a place.

Getting an offer of a place

We send offers to all on-time applications by email unless you choose to get this by post. Email offers will be sent to the address you gave on the online application form from 10am on 16 April 2024. If you chose to be told by post, letters will be sent by second class post on 16 April  2024. Please allow time for delivery.

25 March 2024