The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), published in March 2012 (as amended in July 2018), introduced a requirement for Mineral Planning Authorities (MPAs) to plan for a steady supply of aggregates by preparing an annual Local Aggregate Assessment (LAA).

The Minerals Planning Authorities of Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Warrington (17 unitary local authorities) have worked together to produce a series of joint LAAs, reflecting their status as a single aggregate apportionment sub-region under MASS. This is the 5th LAA to be produced in that way and covers aggregate supply in the sub-region in the year 2016.

This LAA provides an assessment of the demand for and supply of aggregates in the sub-region based on an average of 10 year sales data and other relevant local information, and an assessment of all supply options. It also looks at the average sales over the last three years to identify recent changes in the general trend of demand as part of the consideration of whether it might be appropriate to increase supply.  The LAA is a factual based monitoring document that will act as an evidence base to assist the individual Mineral Planning Authorities (MPAs) in their policy formulation.

A summary of the key messages for individual MPAs can be found in Section 12.


20 April 2022