Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires an assessment of flood risk to be carried out to an appropriate degree at all levels of the planning process.

The SFRA is a planning tool that investigates and identifies the extent and severity of flood risk across the whole borough (this will help us to steer development away from areas most at risk towards those areas at least risk).

It also supplements current policy guidelines and provides a straight forward, risk-based approach to development control in the local area and is part of the framework for Strategic Environmental Assessment and Sustainability Appraisal.

It also contributes to the Local Development Framework taking into account the potential impact climate change may have and will be a reference document to which all parties involved in planning and flood risk can reliably turn to for initial advice.


Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP)

We've produced a Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP) which studies the risk from surface water flooding and sets out a framework for managing the risk now and in the future. 

The SWMP has undertaken a more detailed assessment of the risk of surface water flooding than was completed for the SFRA and will directly provide additional information to inform the Local Planning Framework.


Mid Mersey Water Cycle Study (WCS)

The WCS provides a strategic overview of water infrastructure and environmental capacity so as to inform the development of the Local Development Framework and associated growth strategies for each of the respective authorities.

3 October 2019