The National Heritage List for England is the official and up to date database of all nationally designated heritage assets including:

  • listed buildings
  • scheduled monuments
  • protected wreck sites
  • registered parks and gardens
  • registered battlefields
  • world heritage sites
  • applications for Certificates of Immunity (COIs)
  • current Building Preservation Notices (BPNs)

If your home/building is statutory listed or in a conservation area, you can find information and guidance on maintaining, repairing and making changes or alterations on the Historic England website.

Locally listed buildings

Not all non-listed buildings are of no merit whatsoever with some buildings contributing to their local area. We've identified many buildings of community interest, whether inside or outside a conservation area as locally listed. These frequently include local landmarks and buildings that would fail to meet the criteria for statutory listing.

The most recently published local list can be found in Appendix 3 of adopted our Local Plan Core Strategy 2014:

Conservation areas and appraisals

Conservation Areas are defined as areas of Special Architectural or Historical Interest which are desirable to preserve or enhance. Usually they consist of groups of buildings and their settings which combine to single them out from the everyday built environment.

Our conservation areas guidance leaflets give advice to all property owners in the borough's 16 conservation areas of:

Some of Warrington’s conservation areas have also had an conservation area appraisal conducted.  

The appraisals aim to:

  • Describe and analyse the special architectural and historic interest within the Conservation Area
  • Raise awareness of the important features of the Conservation Area
  • Identify any areas that detract from its character and appearance
  • Identify pressures and trends which potentially threaten the survival of features of special interest

The following Conservation Area Appraisals have been completed:

5 June 2023