Solar farm

Warrington’s Green Energy Strategy is a key driving force behind our work to create a greener future. Launched in 2019, it is helping define, shape and guide our work to become carbon neutral by 2030.

The strategy is ambitious, but we need ambition to tackle the climate emergency we all face. It pieces together the work we’ve already done, alongside future opportunities to create a greener future for everyone who lives, works and visits here.

It sets out our goals, plans and projects, now and in the future – and how we will work with our communities and partners across Warrington, the region and the country, to deliver real change.

Although our green energy journey started some time ago, we still have much we want to achieve by 2030 and beyond. Our Green Energy Strategy puts us in a strong position to achieve our ambitions and become an exemplar green town.

Our green targets

Our focus on making the council carbon neutral by 2030, is underpinned by a series of goals. Covering our key areas, these goals – which aim to bring major environmental, social, economic and financial benefits to Warrington – are:

  • Improving air quality across the borough
  • Combating fuel poverty across Warrington
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our town
  • Becoming an energy self-sufficient council, by achieving security of energy supply
  • Promoting economic regeneration, including creating jobs and growth, by Warrington becoming a centre of excellence in the green agenda
  • Achieving sustainability in everything we do as a council, and in all the services we provide
  • Generating income to fund future green investments

Supporting documents

Other plans and strategies linked to our climate emergency work include: