How do I get advice and guidance on a proposed development prior to submitting an application?

We offer a pre-application service for Proposed Minor and Major developments, use our online form to apply

How do I know if I need planning consent?

Your proposed development may be permitted and not require planning consent, to check the criteria for permitted development you can use the national website the Planning Portals interactive house.

We cannot confirm over the phone or via email that planning consent is not required, if you wanted confirmation on this you can apply for a Lawful Development Certificate at www.planningportal.co.uk, this would give you a formal response as to whether your proposed works are lawful and do not requiring planning permission.

What do I need to provide as part of my planning application?

Warrington Borough Council have a Validation Checklist, this sets out what we would be expecting when submitting a planning application.

How do I know the price of a planning application?

You can check the price of an application by looking at the fee regulations online.

How do I pay for a planning application?

To pay for an application you follow the can follow the Make a Planning or Building Control payment link from our Pay page. You will need to select 'Planning' payment type in the left hand column of the page. Then from the drop down box, select the service you require.

Please note: if you do not have a reference number you can use the site address

How do I check the Planning History and Constraints on an address?

You can use our interactive maps to check the planning history and also any constraints on the land.

  • In the search box type the postcode or nearest address point
  • Click onto what would you like to do
  • Choose map layers
  • Tick Planning and Building Control and then click onto the black arrow

You can also select from a drop down list the constraints you are wishing to search for

Click onto the site in question, this will then show all planning history and the selected constraints on the site

If you want to view plans in connections with the site click onto show more and then click onto the link

How do I know if my PD (Permitted developments) rights have been removed?

Use the interactive map to view the history on the site, you then need to review the decision notices linked to the applications to see if your rights remain intact

Where can I get a site location plan from?

You can purchase these from the Contact centre or from a website called buy a plan, www.buyaplan.co.uk , the site location plan needs to be at a scale of 1:1250 and edge the boundary of the site within a red line, Site Location plans are also known as Ordnance survey (OS) maps

How do I view plans online using the planning reference number?

Visit our See or comment on planning applications page

  • Click onto search recent applications
  • Type in the reference, click search
  • Click onto the underlined reference
  • Click onto view planning documents

How do I comment on a Planning Application?

Visit our See or comment on planning applications page

How do I know what Use Class my business has?

Warrington Borough Council do not hold a comprehensive list of use classes for buildings in Warrington, to find out what the last known use class the building has you would need to check the planning history on the site by using our interactive map

I am proposing to work from home, do I need planning permission?

You do not necessarily need planning permission to work from home. The key test is whether the overall character of the dwelling will change as a result of the business. If the answer to any of the following questions is ‘yes’, then permission will probably be needed:

  • Will your home no longer be used mainly as a private residence?
  • Will your business result in a marked rise in traffic or people calling?
  • Will your business involve any activities unusual in a residential area?
  • Will your business disturb your neighbours at unreasonable hours or create other forms of nuisance such as noise or smells?

Whatever business you carry out from your home, whether it involves a dog grooming business, using part of it as a bed-sit or for ‘bed and breakfast’ accommodation, using a room as your personal office, providing a childminding service, using rooms for hairdressing, dressmaking or music teaching, or using buildings in the garden for repairing cars or storing goods connected with a business – the key test is: is it still mainly a home or has it become business premises?

If you are unsure as to whether you require consent you can apply for a Lawful Development Certificate, this will provide you with confirmation as to whether planning consent is required, visit the planning portal to apply.